2023 APTSDF Northeast Regional TAC Tour

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2023 APTSDF Northeast Regional TAC Tour
April 1st, 2023

by Mr. Bob Thomas, Sah Dan

On Saturday, April 1, the Northeast Region held its annual Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Tour at the Rochester Recreation & Arena in Rochester, New Hampshire. Over 60 Students from seven Northeast Regional schools participated in this event, with students of all ages from Peewees on up.

Master Rivera began his session for adults and teenagers with exercises in breathing and energy cultivation, a great prelude before moving on to self-defense. In the meantime, Master Klacko, Master Khodko, and Mr. Thomas ran an intro to self-defense class with the Peewees and younger children – under the watchful eyes of their parents. The kids were able to work themselves out of simple one-handed and two-handed grabs, and even out of headlocks. Pinching their attackers came in handy.

Once Peewees were dismissed, Master Klacko, Mr. Maibor, and Mr. Lasko showed our students the proper techniques for back falls, side falls, and even rolls over obstacles. It was quite a workout. At the same time, Master Khodko ran students (literally) through jogging drills that helped prepare them for front and side kicks, before moving on to spinning kicks.

The morning sessions finished with Mr. Maibor’s breaking drills, where Sir emphasized the importance of stances and the need to approach breaking with the right mindset. As he likes to say, “Breaking is 90% mental.” Master Desorda then led students through the nuances of Ho Sin Sul, techniques against grabs. At the same time, Mr. Thomas introduced parents and guests to Tai Chi, using slow movements and postures to energize the body.

The afternoon sessions included more advanced techniques for our Cho Dan Bos and black belts. While Master Duva walked our regional leaders through partner exercises using the wooden sword (mok geom, 목검)), Master Day taught our advanced belts the details around tournament sparring.

Master Desorda again leant us his self-defense experience, this time with advanced defense techniques against an attack from a stick or a club. Our day was topped off by Master Harmon’s session on combination jumping spinning kicks. The stretching and core exercises Master Harmon started us off with provided as much of a workout as the kicking.

There was great energy and spirit (Shim Kong) in the arena, and everyone walked away exhausted but exhilarated by this successful event. It’s not often we can take advantage of the knowledge from eight Masters, altogether in one place for a day. We would like to thank Master Shawn Burns and Marianne Burns for all their hard work in securing and setting up the venue for the TAC Tour, and Master Gary Starecheski and Mr. Dan Maibor for creating the agenda for the TAC Tour. We would also like to thank Master Antonio Rivera, Master Christian Klacko, Master Jason Duva, Master Pete Desorda, Master Oleg Khodko, Master Paul Harmon, Master Shawn Burns, Master David Day, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Maibor for instructing our students during the breakout sessions. And we would like to thank all the parents who drove their children to the arena so that they could take part. Your contributions are appreciated. Tang Soo!

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