Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do 20th Anniversary Kodanja and National Championships

Sun, 07/16/2023 - 4:18pm — webmaster

Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do 20th Anniversary Kodanja and National Championships

by Master David Farquharson, Farhorizon Martial Arts, Aurora, CO

HOT time in the Southwest Region……

The Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation hosted its 20th Anniversary Championship Celebration in Dallas, Texas on July 20-22. This was the first National event hosted by the growing Southwest region. And while we are known to keep things a little bit spicy – this event was scorching, as it took place during a massive heat wave.

Despite all the heat outside, it was even more blazing inside with some sizzling performances and promotions across the Federation.

Thursday kicked off the Kodanja (Masters’ Clinic) with handshakes, hugs, and rekindled friendships as 28 Masters and Master candidates gathered together from all over the country. Forms were the focus most of the day, culminating in some interesting performances during a fiery forms dance-off. We reconvened that night for our Kodanja Shim Sa (Masters’ Test). There were two active test subjects on the floor along with a lot of practice test subjects. Mr. Robert Lasko was testing for 4th Dan. Mr. Bob Thomas was testing for 5th Dan. Amazing job and congratulations to both of you!

Kodanja day 2 started off with a focus on self-defense before Kwan Jang Nim presented his keynote address with some illuminating stories from his past. We reduced ourselves to a simmer in the afternoon, with mindfulness and meditation sessions from the Healing Warrior Society. Only to then have Master Drewicz fan our coals – organizing the Masters’ demonstration for the tournament the next day. As the Kodanja was winding down, the Black Belts got a taste of the heat as it was their turn to ignite the floor for their test.

Saturday brought the tournament and opening ceremonies for the entire federation.

Black Belt promotions showcased:

  • Andrew Dahn -1st Degree
  • Jeremy Westbrook -2nd Degree
  • Ben Roe - 3rd Degree


For the Masters’ promotions:

  • David Farquharson - 4th Dan
  • Paul Dulaney - 5th Dan
  • Paul Harmon - 5th Dan
  • Kathleen Navarro - 5th Dan
  • Peter Estrada - 6th Dan

Congratulations to all!

The biggest promotion of the celebration went to Kwan Jang Nim St. James, who has earned his 9th Dan. In addition to his new belt, Kwan Jang Nim was presented with a custom ring and staff along with a congratulatory note from his Master, Grandmaster Steven Washington. Kwan Jang Nim also performed for the assembly Moo Do Pal Dan Hyung, an 8th Dan form. I am sure I speak for the entire federation when I say, Congratulations from all of us!


The tournament competitors were blazing and competition was white-hot. Congratulations to all of the competitors for lighting up the rings! I caught many majestic moments of martial arts mastery from all ages and ranks throughout the competition, but I only get a chance to single out our Black Belt division champions:

  • Robert Lasko won the Adult Male Black Belt Championship
  • Bob Thomas won the Adult Male Senior Black Belt Championship
  • Michele Lopez won the Adult Female Black Belt Championship
  • Zoe Adams won the Teen Black Belt Championship

A big thank you to the Southwest regional director, Master Peter Estrada, for coordinating the events. And also a big thank you to Master Dulaney and all of Cornerstone Martial Arts for hosting us, setting up the tournament space, and doing all the behind-the-scenes work.


Tang Soo!