2019 Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation Southwest Regional Leadership Camp and Spring Cycle Dan Shim Sa

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2019 Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation Southwest Regional Leadership Camp

by Sabom Nim Peter Estrada,
Sa Dan of Abilene Karate Academy: Tang Soo Do Ho Sin Sul

The Southwest Region of the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation celebrated its 5th annual Leadership Camp and Dan Review over the weekend of May 3rd, 4th, and 5th. This marked the Federation’s 3rd event at Butman Methodist Camp, in Merkel, TX. A number of students, instructors, and chaperones from a variety of schools within the region traveled many hours to participate in the Leadership Camp, coming together, once again, to enjoy the spirit and camaraderie so closely associated with The Federation’s camps and retreats, as well as to enjoy a variety of seminars, lectures, practical lessons, physical drills, leadership training sessions, and general education in the martial arts. This coming together of like minds was the embodiment of the camp’s theme, this year; “Mastery Starts from Within…Know the Way, Show the Way, Go the Way.”

This year, the camp commenced on Friday evening with testing and technical review of Black Belts and Black Belt Candidates. The review panel was chaired by the Regional Coordinator Sabom Nim Peter Estrada and accompanied by Masters Farquharson and Witterholt. To the regions delight, Federation Grandmaster Kwan Jang Nim J. John St. James attended as a special guest instructor and leader. The technical review was an insightful opportunity for the participants, and a unique chance to receive detailed analysis of their efforts. Non-testing students and chaperones enjoyed free time for socialization, followed by an evening hike through the expansive grounds of Butman Camp.

Friday evening was rounded off by the traditional commencement address and camp orientation by Sabom Nim Estrada followed by a presentation on Moo Do Protocol by Bu Sabom Nim Dulaney, Chief Instructor and owner of Cornerstone Martial Arts and Leadership Academy.

Saturday morning began a full day of activities for the camp participants. The day started early with an hour of stretching and mobility both instructional and applicable. Following breakfast, campers were divided into separate groups according to rank for hyung development training, under the direction of various instructors and school owners in attendance. Students were then allowed freedom to choose from a variety of concurrent sessions throughout the camp grounds, including knife technique, wrist locks, rolls and falls, and one step sparring. Of note, one of the available sessions was the study of acupressure, medicinal ki by Kwan Jang Nim J. John St. James, followed by a demonstration of acupuncture and dry needling by Sabom Nim Estrada. Both classes were in cooperation with the Healing Warriors Society. Students enjoyed the flexibility to choose their area of study, made possible by the great number of highly-qualified instructors in attendance.

Lunch was followed by socialization and extra-curricular time for campers and chaperones. Many campers enjoyed the Butman Camp facilities, including the zip line, rock-climbing wall, and high ropes course. Senior students, and those students participating in the Certified Instructor Training Program, used this time as an opportunity for learning under the wisdom of Kwan Jang Nim St. James followed by Master Candidates (Sam Dan Instructors) reviewing and learning advanced hyungs.

Following the early afternoon activities, campers once-again availed themselves of a variety of learning opportunities in concurrent sessions, including sword techniques, advanced sparring concepts, spinning and jumping kicks, and self-defense, which lasted into the evening. Dinner was followed by yet more training opportunities in the power of spirit, with further education under the scope of the Healing Warriors Society, while younger students enjoyed relaxation and socialization time.

Sunday morning started with an early meditation class by Mr. Dan Farquharson followed by group pictures. Students were treated to one final set of concurrent sessions choosing from belt sparring, grappling, and gun defense all leading up to the traditional group hyung to drum conducted by Master Farquharson. Final words and camp conclusion speeches were presented by KJN St. James, Master Farquharson, and Master Peter Estrada, who was the camp host.

The sense of accomplishment at the conclusion of the event was extraordinary, with all in attendance agreeing that the event was not only a resounding success for the physical training opportunities, but also for the mental and emotional development of the attendees, and the sense of enthusiasm for the next, great Federation event was palpable.

Tang Soo!!!

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