Great Bay Tang Soo Do

Wed, 05/03/2017 - 8:51pm — webmaster
Address: 383 Central Ave Suite CL30, Dover, NH 03820
Phone: (603) 978-6022
Owner: Master Robert and Brian Hebert


In this article, we will be interviewing another great school in the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation: Great Bay Tang Soo Do in beautiful Dover, New Hampshire. Great Bay Tang Soo Do is operated by the wife and husband team of Robin Hebert (3rd degree black belt) and Brian Hebert (3rd degree black belt). The school was opened in August 2001 and the Hebert’s have 15 years of martial arts training.

Q: Thank you, Mrs. and Mr. Hebert for sharing some of your time today. Let me start by asking how would you sum up your studio’s philosophy or focus?
We are family centered, focusing on the traditional values of Tang Soo Do. We don't believe in hidden fees. We offer Tang Soo Do training at a reasonable cost so we can reach as many students as possible.We believe that the root of martial arts should be grounded in the family and by keeping this philosophy and spirit intact, we can bring about more positive change in our community. We have been partnering with businesses in our area to provide mutual discounts to our students and clients.
Q: That’s great. It’s seems like these days families are all running in opposite directions. It sounds good to have something to bring them all back together. How do you put this philosophy/focus into practice in your school?
Since moving into our new space in October 2008, we have nearly doubled our enrollment. Parents can train with their children in the same class or choose an Adult's only class. Several new families have joined during the last three months.

We have a generous 2500 square foot training floor with an open floor plan surrounded by the rustic New Hampshire scenery. The physical atmosphere and attributes in our Dojang (Korean term for school) are appealing to all who enter. We have brick and granite walls, wood pillars and large windows overlooking a river. Our Dojang epitomizes the four elements of wood, air, water and earth. We also provide changing rooms for convenience of our students and their families.

Of our student body, approximately one third consists of families!
Q: That is a large percentage. Tell me about how you became part of the APTSDF. When did you join and what were some of your motivations for doing so?
We joined in May 2008. After eight years of independence and speaking with Master Antonio Riviera, we felt the time was right. We had the love of sharing our martial arts and were looking for an organization that could help us maximize our opportunities.
Q: What has been the biggest impact provided by the Federation?
The APTSDF gave us the tools and support that we needed to advance our studio, make important contacts and provide a wider range of opportunities for both ourselves and our students.

Q: How many instructors do you have?
Along with the two of us, our 21 year old son Eric also teaches.

Q: Well that sounds like your family-focus in action! In your opinion, what makes martial arts so beneficial to modern individuals and families?
Martial arts allow individuals and families to experience the traditional values that have slowly been erased from our society. In addition there are obvious health benefits and increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Q: Why should a person or parent choose Great Bay Tang Soo Do over other options?
We are conveniently located, offer classes at a reasonable cost and are very family oriented. Life is very hectic now but everyone should find time to take for themselves. That time can be a powerful investment in yourself.

Q: Do you have specialized classes or curriculum for young children or other segments of the population with special physical conditions?
At the current time we are offering Qi Gong for Seniors. Part of our philosophy is to include Special Needs students in open classes, while considering their individual needs. We currently have two special needs students and one student who is 74 years old. A "handicap" is not a prohibition to taking martial arts. It is a travesty to assume otherwise.

Q: One last question: What is your vision for your school’s future?
Our vision is to continue to grow, allowing us to offer additional classes and opportunities for our students.


Mr. and Mrs. Hebert, thank you very much for your time.

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