Peak Performance - Attitudes Drives Your Actions - Actions Drive Your Results!

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 10:49am — Grandmaster

Attitude Drives your Actions – Actions Drives your Results!
A Great Attitude=>Great Actions=>Great Results=>Great Lifestyle
If you want to lead a great life, you have to take great actions.
As you prepare yourself to take great actions every day, you must first condition 
yourself to having and maintaining a great attitude. How do you do this you may ask?
It all starts with conditioning. Or what I like to call peak performance programming or what others call positive self-talk.
·        You see programming creates beliefs.
·        Beliefs create attitudes.
·        Attitudes create feelings.
·        Feelings create actions.
·        Actions create behaviors.
·        Behaviors create our destiny.
It all starts with peak performance programming or positive self-talk.
Guard your mind like the sacred temple it is. When negative thoughts surface…focus on the positive by starting into positive self-talk.  
Spectacular Performance is Always Preceded by Spectacular Preparation!
Spectacular preparation starts with understanding the top three as I call them. It takes warm-up and then a routine that is rooted in three things. They are:
·        Permanence
·        Proper Syntax or order
·        Positive vocabulary
Say “YES” every day to prepare yourself for Victory!
Imagine that every time you got yourself ready for class, you said “YES” with an eager and enthusiastic attitude. Every time you enter the dojang, you say “YES” I love my training. Every time you prepare to do anything, you say "YES" I love being in tune, in touch, and on top!
By doing this, you'll soon develop a great habit that will lead you to becoming a highly conditioned Black Belt Champion, Elite Warrior, and top performer in and out of the dojang. It will have a positive impact
on your personal and professional life and ultimately lead you in the direction you want to go.
Habits we Train are Habits we Gain!
Start by Training your Brain!
Anything you do repeatedly becomes habit. Good or bad. Your mind is a computer. Treat it like one. Program it through positive affirmations.
There are some people that have conditioned themselves to be cynical and negative. Remember, trash in…trash out…as the old computer saying goes.
You know the type of person I am writing about, they always question things and doubt things will work as planned. Or worse, they express negative attitudes towards everything and everybody.  
They tend to be very pessimistic and would be considered a NAYSAYER even by “Gloomy Gus”. You know the type of person I am writing about. They turn a bright room dark and descend like a black could wherever they go. They are always complaining about everything.
Black Belt Champions & Elite Warriors know that they must train their brain every day.
This is why you must condition your attitude every day for making it a great day. Just like you shower or bath every day to wash away the dirt and grime…so to must you do the same with your mind. You must get rid of the “stinking thinking” as Zig Ziegler use to call it.
Think how much better you would be at everything you do, if you had a great attitude toward life and learning. If you practice being respectful, you become more respected. Remember, people don’t care how much you know…they care how much you care!
If you practice looking for the good in others, you begin to attract more of the good in others. If you practice smiling more often, you will see more people smiling back. If you look for the best in all situations you will find the best in all situations. Seek and you shall find…knock and the door will be open!
Here are some Black Belt Champion & Elite Warrior Attitude Conditioning Tips:
=> Wake up early every day and say “YES” today is a great day!
=>Be the first to offer a positive and polite greeting.
=> Look for the good in yourself and others.
=> Praise and compliment your team mates.
=> Think of what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.
=> Always be happy with what you DO have, not what you don’t have.
Remind yourself of the quote...”Happy but Never Satisfied!” as I shared with you last time.
I hope your training is going well and that your week was even better than all of your previous for the year. It always amazes me how easy it is to maintain a great attitude when your training is going well. This should be especially true of those of you who were with me this past week at our annual Master’s Clinic.
And, how quickly it can dip, if your training isn't going too well. This is why we practice mental, physical, and spiritual exercise every day. Every day is a good day to train!
There are so many benefits to training in the Martial Arts. Besides the amazing physical conditioning it keeps us in, the mental and emotional benefits,
in my opinion, far outweigh them. And that is saying a lot, because I can't think of any other activity that is proven to help so many people, of various ages and stages, in so many ways.
The other day I had the pleasure of having a great conversation with one of our very talented 3rd Degree Black Belt chief instructors. The person I am talking about is in my opinion well on their way to becoming a Master instructor. Got you wondering don’t I?
We were chatting about things and some of the challenges the person faces in their role as an instructor and leader. Our conversation lead to the discussion of a particular student who I had asked about. Apparently, the student’s interest was waning as the student in question is a teen.
We both agreed that the answer was to continue programming the student in question for success in life through the traditional martial arts. Why is traditional Martial Arts always the best solution for kids?
For one, it has a proven track record for building great Attitudes, Behavior and Character in them. It helps to prevent most of the challenges that most parents deal with. It prepares them to become better students, better kids, teens, and better future leaders. How do I know this you may ask? First, it worked for me. Second, I have seen it work for thousands of kids over my 40 plus years of training. Finally, I have great examples to look to. In fact, I had another one of my 3rd degree black belts visiting at Nationals this past weekend. He is currently a second year student at the University of Chicago Law School and has been selected to edit the Law Review at his very prestigious university. Despite that, he still found the time to come and visit his old instructor. The young man I am speaking about is also an excellent leader and will no doubt make a very positive impact the lives of many as either an attorney, a judge, or future corporate leader.
This is just one example of the many great examples that I have seen since starting teaching Tang Soo Do so many years ago. If I were to look at any of our dojangs, or the members within our APTSDF family, they all have a fantastic team of caring and highly skilled professionals that are expert life coaches and phenomenal Martial Artists. There are many great leaders and future champions who have learned how to train their brain. In fact, the most successful people have the most successful programming. Are you surprised?
My message is simple, you don't have to look very far to realize how lucky we are. We are all blessed to be in this field. Yes, there are challenges and yet we are up to those challenges because we follow the Warrior’s Way.
If your attitude ever takes a dip, get around your team mates, or drop me a note so we can always team up and never give up.
The Martial Arts (Traditional Tang Soo Do) brought us together for a reason, and it keeps us together for a reason!
Train Hard...Work Hard...Enjoy the Rewards of your Success!
Kwan Jang Nim