Habit of Being a Good-finder

Sun, 10/13/2013 - 7:48pm — Grandmaster

Habit of Being a Good-finder                                     


Good-finders train themselves to look for good and avoid fault-finding.


Unfortunately, criticizing and finding fault is all too common in the real world. I recently saw a great quote that said it all…


“When you judge others, you define yourself not them”


Wayne Dyer


The challenge with criticizing, complaining and finding fault, is that it leads you to looking for and attracting more of the negatives in people and situations. If you understand the law of attraction then you know whatever you send out is exactly what you get.


Stated differently, whatever you look for in life, you tend to attract more of...


Your goal should be to always look for the good in yourself, in others, and in every situation. When you search for the good, you’ll be looking for the positive side of people and the positive things around you. This leads to you attracting more of the positive and the good side of people and situations.


BLACK BELT LEADERS & CHAMPIONS strive to master their people skills as well as their martial arts. It’s part of becoming a high quality, well rounded and respected Black Belt Leader & Champion.


Black Belt Leaders and champions train every day to develop the Habits of Excellence and their M.AM.


Don’t Forget Your M.A.M.” M.A.M. is an acronym for; martial arts manners. As martial artists we have the responsibility to be polite, courteous, and respectful. We’re developing tremendous power, speed, and self-defense skills. The effect this can have on some people is just the opposite of what we want. The more we develop our skills and our bodies…the more humble we should become. Why? The more we know the more we realize how little we understand. Besides, what’s worse than an arrogant Black Belt?


In reality, it takes a stronger person to avoid a fight (physical and verbal) than it does to get into one. Martial artists are patient, peace loving and rule abiding people. Our strength is in our patience and ability to control our minds and bodies.


Some people say that you can judge a person’s character by the way they treat the people least important to them. One of the things that I often see with great Black Belt leaders and champions is the way they look after those in their charge. This includes their ability to help others to a higher level.   


A Good-finder is quick to praise and compliment others on their positive qualities. They also overlook a lot. This is especially true of those that are new to the martial arts and don’t fully understand our history, tradition, culture, philosophy, protocol, and physical technique.


It's been said that any fool can criticize, complain and condemn. DON'T BE A FOOL!


BE A GOOD-FINDER!  Be a force for good, by igniting the positive energy and emotions in yourself and others. Search for the good and you’ll find it… search for the bad and you’ll find it as well.


Be a Black Belt Leader & Champion…attract the positives and repel the negatives in life.  


Tang Soo!!