Peak Performance - The Right Action Continued

Wed, 06/30/2010 - 9:49pm — Grandmaster

The Right Action can also be translated as the right conduct or the right behavior. As such, a black belt leader, champion, and or master trains him or herself to take action and to be morally upright at all times. This includes acting in a way that brings honor to oneself and to others.

In Tang Soo Do, the right action encompasses our Five Codes of Tang Soo Do, our 7 tenets, and our 10 Attitudinal Requirements. It also includes the Five Laws that are part of any solid teacher/student relationship. These include being loyal & honest which is always a two (2) way proposition, support even when it’s not easy, no secrets, follow-up and follow through, and constant and never ending improvement.
The right action is also holding to our word. Our promises are our bond. Our duty and responsibilities as black belt leaders, champions, and masters, require that we hold true to our ancient traditions. Our Moo Do culture is all about discipline and respect. Remember, Tang Soo Do starts and ends with respect and humility. This is why we start and end class with a bow.
A dear friend of mine recently shared a powerful insight regarding how important discipline is to being a genuine martial artist and taking the right action. He said, the word “Do” in Tang Soo Do is having the discipline to follow the way. You see, knowing the way and following it are two (2) different things. It takes great discipline to follow the way. In this case, the “way” is our protocol, procedures, and policies. It is how we do something. It is always rooted in being mindful, aware, alert, and focused. In fact, being disciplined and following the way is a key ingredient in being able to defend one’s self and in a larger sense to success in life.  
If we were to create a list of the right actions as they relate to successful martial arts practice and life, they would include being: disciplined, respectful, loyal, humble, supportive, action oriented, encouraging, studious, inquisitive, goal oriented, wise, measured, passionate, purposeful, focused, patient, committed, and courageous.   
In the week ahead, pay special attention to taking the right action. If you do, you will have taken an important step on the path.   
In the Spirit of Moo Do,
Tang Soo!!!