Goal Setting for Greatness 2010

Thu, 02/18/2010 - 10:34am — Grandmaster

Greetings Champions,

 Round #1 (January) is over and Round #2 is now underway.
I hope you are staying in great shape and ready for a 12 Round Challenge in 2010.
To make this your best year ever, it's a good idea to look back at the month of
January and analyze your results and overall performance.
How was your FOCUS?
How were your ACTIONS?
Did you give your best EFFORT?
You may have heard me say "The best must always get better."
Round #1 was just a warm up round for the year and I hope you're ready to pick up
the pace in Round #2 by coming out even stronger for Fabulous February.
Always Team Up...Never Give up!
Plan your Work ó Work your Plan!
As Champions in Training, almost everyone on the planet wants to
make this their best year ever. Great Black Belt Champions constantly strive to expand their skills, improve their conditioning and become
better at every aspect of their Martial Arts and their life. 
Besides higher levels of health and fitness…
Great Champions also want success and achievement in all areas of their lives.
Martial Arts teaches us to become balanced achievers.
Mentally…physically…emotionally… financially… career…and most important, stronger relationships with family and friends.
Plan your Work – Work your Plan is about designing an action plan for each day, each week and the months that lie ahead. It’s like creating a roadmap to a pre-determined destination. 
By taking the time to create a Massive Action Plan, you’ll be joining the ranks of the
Top 5% Elite Achievers Club.
Proper Planning and Preparation Promotes Peak Performance.
It’s been said that if you want to predict the future, you must create it.
This is why it is a worthy investment of your time to design your Massive Action Plan
(M.A.P.) for Success in 2010 and beyond.
Take the time each day to properly prepare yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally
for a successful day of achievement.
Plan your Work ó Work your Plan!