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Originally published in MA Success Magazine, July 2005 Edition.


Protocol In Martial Arts

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In traditional Martial Arts, protocol is of vital importance.  The protocols spring from the tradition of each style and from the tradition of the Martial Arts in general.  Without protocol, there would be no preservation of tradition.  Without tradition all we would have left is perhaps a game or a physical fitness program.  Martial Arts is bigger than that.  The reason it is bigger is because we preserve those good things about our Art that have been proved true and useful throughout the centuries.


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2004 International Championships

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In October of this past year, the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation (APTSDF) held its first-ever International Tang Soo Do Championships at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida. Federation and affiliate masters, black belts, and color belts from as far as Australia came to Orlando for three days of learning, competition, and celebration. The event was a tremendous success and everyone enjoyed the entire weekend.


Chinese Symbol “Moo”

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2004 Federation Recap Letter From Master St. James

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2004 - A Great Year For the Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation

Dear Federation Members:


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