Carole Smith

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7th Dan
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Tae Kwon Do, Yoshukai

Master Carole Smith began her Martial Arts training in 1971.She was the first female  ever allowed to  join an all-male Martial Arts class in Montgomery, Alabama. She was also the first female black belt and Karate School owner in her city. Master Smith tested for her 1st Dan in 1976 with Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, and later for her 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do.A Japanese system called Yoshukai was the next style Master Smith trained in,and she learned to break a baseball bat with her shin and won the World Japanese Black Belt Breaking Championships with this style.

After 7 Regional Grand Championships with The World Tang Soo Do Association, Master Coker was the third female to test for Masters belt with the World Tang Soo Do Association. She is the founder of The Stranger Danger Child Abduction Prevention and Awareness Program, and "The Ask Mom First"  Program. Master  Smith  is now a 7th Dan with The Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation.




She was married to Sensei Morris Coker, a 5th Dan with The Association of Japanese United Martial Arts and an instructor in the Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation, until he passed in 2007. Master  Smith's school is called  Smith's Family Karate Center, and the school motto is "The Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together!"